St. Broccoli Day 3.18.19

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The count down is over, but the celebration of broccoli lives on forever! Thank you for participating in St. Broccoli Day!!
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BroccoLeaf isn’t a new vegetable—it’s just new to the produce aisle! This veg is simply the leaves that grow on and around broccoli heads packed with even more powerhouse nutrients. Try the newest supergreen on the scene.

Broccoli is the original superfood. It’s full of potassium and folate, along with vitamins A, B6 and C. It’s also proven to combat cancer: it contains sulforaphane which fights colon, prostate, breast cancer and more.

Sweet baby broccoli is just what it sounds like. It’s a hybrid between broccoli and a Chinese kale. This cross lends to a sweeter taste and softer texture that screams easy eats. It’s great as a side dish or salad topping!

Broccoli often reminds us of little trees, but it’s their florets that matter most. Proper harvest calls for picking broccoli before its flowers bloom. When shopping, choose firm and compact green stalks with dark bluish-green crowns.

Sweet baby broccoli isn’t a “baby” veggie at all—it contains just as much cancer-fighting sulforaphane as an average broccoli stalk. Sweet baby broccoli should have bunches with crisp stalks, tightly closed buds and bright green color.

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